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Advancing Healthcare Analytics Through Computational Models

We believe that computational predictive precision in healthcare can enhance the landscape of medical treatments. Altegos™, our robust analytical technology, interprets the intricate interactions between therapeutic interventions and human physiology.

Through it, we aim at steering healthcare innovation towards efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and data-driven practices, underpinning informed clinical decisions and pioneering research.


Altegos™ is based on mathematical models capable of generating a "digital twin" of an individual, describing the subject-specific whole body physiology is designed for opening the possibilities to new standards in healthcare.


Altegos™ is capable of analyzing any scenario to reconstruct the physical processes that underlie specific biological and clinical dynamics. 


Altegos™ goes beyond artificial intelligence since it relies on mathematical, deterministic models that have been validated against bench tests and real clinical measurements in healthy and pathological scenarios.

This enables simulation and analysis of  treatments and pathological conditions with a broad spectrum of possibilities, also for those cases where no previous experience has been made.


Altegos™ transforms how we understand and interact with human physiology. Its ability to simulate diverse health scenarios offers a groundbreaking digital perspective, bridging the gap between the physical and virtual worlds.


This innovative technology achieves unparalleled medical accuracy,  redefining patient care, research, and regulatory pathways.

Altegos™: An All-Round Technology for Diverse Healthcare Demands

Altegos™ transforms clinical data into actionable insights, driving a new era in healthcare analytics. Being a versatile and all-encompassing solution, makes it a technology adept at meeting the multifaceted requirements of modern healthcare.

Its ability to adapt and extend its functionalities makes it a pioneering force in clinical decision support, research, and regulatory compliance.


Experience some of Altegos™ capabilities, each designed to provide flexible, tailored solutions in a variety of medical contexts:

Refine Treatment Pathways with Sensitivity Analysis

Deep dive into therapeutic approaches and health conditions, utilizing sensitivity analysis to identify key factors influencing outcomes. This capability enhances understanding of clinical scenarios, enabling more effective treatments and improved patient care.

Discover the variables that matter most and tailor your strategies for maximum impact.


Predict Patient-Specific Treatment Outcomes 

Leveraging its advanced and modular computational models, Altegos™ excels in predicting individual patient outcomes in response to medical device and pharmacological treatments.


This precision tool aids in fine-tuning therapeutic strategies, ensuring optimized care for each unique clinical case.


Run In-Silico Clinical Trials

Simulate conditions that are challenging or unethical to recruit in real-life studies and obtain insights into extreme patient conditions and rare diseases.


This functionality enhances risk assessment and management, providing a safe virtual environment to understand the impacts of treatments and interventions.

Estimate Inaccessible Clinical Parameters 

Screenshot 2024-03-03 at 14.22.07.png

Starting from available  measurements, Altegos™ produces physiologically based estimates of critical health indices that are invasively measured or totally absent, offering a clearer understanding of therapeutic impacts and health conditions.


Enhance clinical strategies with insights that are otherwise challenging to obtain.

Optimise Data-Driven Decisions Through Comparative Analysis

Screenshot 2021-11-01 at 09.44_edited.jpg

Altegos™ allows a precise comparison of waveforms, trends, and hourly data across multiple treatments or interventions.


It integrates clinical guidelines with complex pathophysiological conditions, offering in-depth insights for every cardiac cycle phase, enhancing decision-making in intricate health situations.

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 18.42.53.png

Dynamic Uncertainty Profiling

Our UP and UQ studies offer a comprehensive analysis of input parameters, including their varied impacts across whole hemodynamics throughout the cardiac cycle, enriching R&D for medical devices and monitoring systems.


This broad-spectrum approach is pivotal for creating more accurate, patient-tailored healthcare solutions.

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 18.42.53.png

Perform In-Silico Population Studies 

Altegos™ enables comprehensive  population studies, simulating completely new patient groups with complex health conditions or enriching existing population studies by filling data gaps and retrieving additional health metrics.


This feature is invaluable for enhancing understanding and treatment of intricate medical scenarios.

Screenshot 2024-03-03 at

Explore Weaning Possibilities

Altegos™ uniquely simulates the cessation of medical treatments, revealing the natural state of patient physiology.


This critical function aids in assessing weaning possibilities, providing clear insights into the patient's health without therapeutic intervention. It's an invaluable tool for understanding the true impact of treatments and guiding safe weaning processes.


Test Innovative  Cardiovascular Support Devices

Altegos™ facilitates the study of medical devices under development through the creation and coupling of novel models, enabling the evaluation of their efficacy and safety in a virtual environment.


This feature is especially crucial for devices without existing clinical data, providing a reliable platform for preclinical testing and risk assessment.

Crafting Your Next Solution

At Altegos™, we're equipped to turn your unique challenges into bespoke solutions. Our platform's versatility, coupled with our team's expertise, is at your service to develop the next innovative feature tailored to your needs.


Together, we can shape the future of healthcare technology, aligning our capabilities with your vision to advance patient care.

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